GDPR Compliant RDAP service

This is a early test and evaluation implementation of RDAP (Registration Data Access Protocol).

This is an early release intended to solicit feedback. In particular the RyCE specific implementation attempts to be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) compliant.

Feedback and comments are very welcome at

Implemented RDAP Objects

Support is provided for the following objects:

Comments and features

This is still at an early stage. There are still bugs and missing fields. The data is from our OT&E system and is synced every 30 minutes.

Privacy features

  • A contact entity with an Organisation field is assumed to be a public contact and by default does not get privacy enforced.
  • RFC5733 contact:disclose data is honored. If the field is true data will ALWAYS be displayed. If false it will never be displayed
  • The Authinfo field is commonly used during transfers. We use this as an authentication method either via HTTP basic authentication or via a GET parameter. For example compare with the one above.
    1. The billing contact is a person not an organisation so by default full privacy is provided.
    2. The admin contact has email and phone numbers private using contact:disclose.
    3. When the authinfo code is provided all fields are displayed.
  • Certificate based authentication will be provided once a standard has been agreed on.

Additions enhancements / known bugs

  • Support Entity and nameserver queries. (ETA 28 February 2018)
  • RFC8056 status mappings not in place yet. (ETA 28 February 2018)
  • TLSA record missing (ETA 28 February 2018)
  • Human friendly javascript interface to the RDAP data (ETA 25 May 2018)
  • Port 43 and 80 WHOIS services using the same data as the RDAP service (ETA 25 May 2018)